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Admissions: Section Title

 Enrollment Process


Fill out our online Enrollment Form

Come & check us out by completing the online enrollment form below!


Schedule a Personal
Interview & experience a day of school 

Contact us at (812) 882.6215 to meet us & to shadow a current student throughout a school day!


Apply to enroll in our family

Apply to be a part of our family by completing the online application form below!


Complete the Needed Paperwork

Complete all the paperwork below needed for a successful enrollment! 

Scroll down for our online inquiry form, our online enrollment application, and the needed paperwork for enrollment. Scroll to the bottom of the page to view our tuition rates!  

New Students Inquire & Apply Here

Click the left button below to fill out our online Inquiry Form! Then, call us at (812) 882.6215 to setup an interview & visit. If you are ready to apply, click the right button below to complete our enrollment application form, then call us at (812) 882.6215 to verify we recieved your application!


We are looking forward for you to join our family!

Inquiry & Application

Needed Enrollment Paperwork

Attached below is all paperwork needed for a successful enrollment at Rivet Middle/High School, ALL attached files (two files) are required and must be completed and turned into Rivet Middle/High School. 

Needed Paperwork

Tuition Rates






+ Child

Parish Member






Non-Parish Member







Book & Technology Fee: $255.00 per child

Transportation Fee: $415.00 per family 

Fees are nonrefundable

Tuition Assistance

Rivet Middle & High School believes that every student should have the opportunity to pursue a high-quality, faith-based education, and that financial limitations should not impede their pursuit. Partnering with our funding division — The Christian Education Foundation (CEF) — and the State of Indiana, Rivet Middle & High School provides tuition assistance and pathways for students to pursue their religious education of high conviction. Please click here to learn more about our tuition-assistance programs. 

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